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Easy Instructions

Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex I):

When a cold sore lesion is attempting to erupt, straddle the site with the probes and push the start button, a red point near the top on the side of the device, at which time a light will come on. This procedure delivers "milliamps of current" from one probe to the other for ten to twenty seconds and then the second light comes on reversing polarity and treating in reverse for another ten to twenty seconds. This nearly imperceptible charge destroys the "protein barrier" surrounding the virus, rendering the virus naked and allowing the body’s immune system to assist in neutralizing the virus’s ability to create a lesion.

Unlike most treatments for the lesions associated with known varieties of herpes, the "Cold Sore Eliminator" is a non-invasive device. If treatment is started within the first hour of symptoms, a lesion will not form and you will experience immediate relief from the burning sensation. To insure that the lesion does not form, it is imperative that during the first six hours you treat the lesion site as often as the "burning sensation" returns or at least one treatment per hour. Test have shown that if the device is used after the lesion has already erupted and formed a cold sore, treating it with the device will speed up the healing time considerably. Even during the healing process it is recommended that you treat the site as often as the burning sensation or any other irritation is present. The silver metallic side of the cap is designed to be used as a mirror to insure the user straddles the lesion site, when a regular mirror is not available.

Genital Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex II):

Double blind studies have shown that genital (herpes) cold sores when treated in the same manner as facial cold sores react the same as those on the lip or face. Simply determine where the lesion is attempting to form, straddle the sight with the probes, push the start button and treat as often as the burning sensation or irritation persists, but at least once per hour for the first six hours.

Shingles (Herpes Zoster):

Treatment of shingles on the arms, ribs, back, chest, head, near the eyes, and other areas on the body experience immediate relief from the excruciating pain associated with them as well as causing the rash and blisters to heal quickly. Treatment of shingles is very effective if the device is placed on the site where the pain is greatest and letting the device run through the full cycle. If the pain is present at more than one site, treat each site as a potential eruption.


The Cold Sore Eliminator requires only that the probes be kept clean. An alcohol wipe or a cotton swab saturated with alcohol applied to each tip and immediately wipe off will be sufficient. If more than one person is using the device it is recommended that it be cleaned between each use to prevent spreading of the virus from one person to the other. It is recommended that each individual have their own device and carry it with them, this will allow treatment immediately at time of onset and prevent the lesion from forming.

Do not submerge the unit in water!

Submerging the device in water may impair the circuit and render the device unusable.


Both lights come on simultaneously. If this occurs simply wait until the lights extinguish and push the start button again. If the surface of the skin is overly damp or wet it can cause this condition. Simply dry off the skin and repeat the procedure until only one light comes on at a time.

Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction:

Your device is Unconditionally Guaranteed for one year. In the event the device fails, simply return it to the company, with your name and address and a new device will be sent to you.




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